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The cleaner was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome buy 160mg super p-force, for which he has had an operation super p-force 160 mg sale. He had been a cleaner for many years, more than 3-4 hours per day performing quickly repeated and awkward movements of the wrists by mopping. The wet as well as the dry mopping (wiping off the wet floor) involved much application of wrist force. Towards the end of the period he had cleaning work in a slaughterhouse, which likewise involved quickly repeated, strenuous and awkward movements for both wrists in connection with high- pressure hosing and heavy tidying up for many hours a day. Example 11: Recognition of carpal tunnel syndrome (violinist for 4 years) A woman worked full time as a professional violinist in a large symphony orchestra. The work involved many hours of daily practice as well as frequent concert performances and recordings in a 170 studio. When playing she held the violin in her left hand, whereas the right hand was taking the violin bow back and forth at a quick pace in awkward postures, with constant twisting and turning movements of the right wrist. After well over 4 years work she developed pain and sensory disturbances of her right wrist. The injured person developed a right-sided carpal tunnel syndrome after very wrist-loading work as a violinist for several years. Her work had the effect that her right wrist was exposed to very quickly repeated movements in awkward wrist-loading working postures for a great part of the working day. There is furthermore good time correlation between the work and the development of the disease. Example 12: Recognition of carpal tunnel syndrome (fisherman for 7 years) A man worked as a fisherman for well over 7 years. One third of the time he set out the nets, and two thirds of the time he pulled in nets and emptied them. When emptying the nets, he pulled out the fishes with both hands with strenuous gripping movements, holding the net as well as the fishes. He was holding the fish with his right hand and at the same time, with a strenuous gripping and cutting movement of his left hand, cut into the fish and removed its intestinal system. The work involved in setting nets and pulling them up again also led to strenuous gripping loads for both wrists. Towards the end of the period he developed pain of both wrists and forearms and a neuro- physiological examination established bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. For several years the fisherman had repetitive and strenuous, wrist-loading work with typically awkward posture for both wrists in connection with setting nets and pulling them in, and handling fishes and cleaning them. There is good correlation between the work and the development of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Example 13: Recognition of carpal tunnel syndrome (carpenter/roofer for 12 years) A 44-year-old carpenter for a 12-year period installed Decra roofs. For the major part of the day, the work consisted in holding tight laths or roof tiles with a powerful, left-hand grip while shooting nails from a nail gun with his right hand. It appeared that the work involved continuous blows to the palm of the left hand when he was using the nail gun. After a number of years he developed a tingling sensation in the fingers of his left hand and was diagnosed in the end with carpal tunnel syndrome. The left-side carpal tunnel syndrome qualifies for recognition on the basis of the list. The carpenter for many years performed work that was stressful for his left wrist/forearm in connection with holding onto laths and roof tiles with strenuous gripping movements which were awkward for the wrist. To this should be added that using the nail gun also led to continuous, powerful blows to the left hand. Example 14: Recognition of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome (baker for 9 years) A 27-year-old man worked as a baker for 9 years. The work consisted in preparing dough (45 per cent of the time), scraping dough (10 per cent), flattening dough (40 per cent) and various other tasks (5 per cent). After about 5 years he was beginning to develop pain of both wrists and a tendency to tingling in his fingers after long working days. The bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome qualifies for recognition on the basis of the list. The baker for a great part of the working day and for many years performed quick, powerful and awkward movements of both wrists when handling large quantities of dough, in particular in connection with kneading, flattening and scraping. Example 15: Claim turned down carpal tunnel syndrome (packer for years) The injured person worked in a large meat manufacturing business, packing frozen burgers for 8-9 months. She stacked the burgers, seven at a time, and put them in a cylindrical bag at chest height. The packed burger bag was then lifted onto a packing belt at the same height and closed by a colleague.

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